Christine Loredo

Christine Loredo
Christine Loredo

Christine Loredo is a versatile and accomplished professional with a strong background in FinTech, consumer mobile technologies, and startup ventures. With over 20 years of experience in digital innovation, Christine has demonstrated a keen focus on operations and strategy, particularly in the financial technology and consumer mobile applications space.

Throughout her career, Christine has excelled in building teams, launching new businesses, forging partnerships, and driving global revenue growth. Her expertise lies in developing effective go-to-market strategies, managing brands, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Christine’s leadership style is characterized by resourcefulness, motivation, and a collaborative approach, making her a valued team-oriented leader in various organizational settings.

As a seasoned executive, Christine has successfully navigated the challenges of working in Fortune 500 companies, where she has honed her skills in problem-solving, stakeholder management, and cross-cultural adaptation. Her educational background includes an MBA/MIM from a top business school, which has equipped her with the ability to interface with executive management, build high-performing teams, and drive business objectives effectively.

Currently, Christine serves as the Co-Founder of VeroTerra, a startup focused on leveraging intuitive hand gestures to collect customer satisfaction data in retail and service locations. Her role at VeroTerra allows her to apply her expertise in FinTech and operations to address critical issues such as improving NPS scores and enhancing customer experiences.

Prior to her current role, Christine held key positions at NetworkFinancials Inc, TiFiPay, Tresha, and Envestnet | Yodlee, where she contributed significantly to startup ventures, venture capital initiatives, and innovation programs. Through her roles as President & COO and Vice President in various organizations, Christine has led initiatives to drive revenue growth, establish strategic partnerships, and foster innovation in the FinTech sector.

Christine Loredo’s career journey exemplifies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and driving impactful change in the financial technology industry. Her blend of operational acumen, strategic vision, and team leadership capabilities positions her as a prominent figure in the realm of FinTech and startup ventures.

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