Candice Hill

Candice Hill
Candice Hill

Candice (Cahill) Hill is a seasoned financial service professional with a wealth of experience in treasury services, cash management products, client services, and relationship management. She brings over 10 years of expertise to the table, making her a valuable asset in the field.

Candice’s background showcases her proficiency as a treasury manager. Her in-depth knowledge of service delivery, coupled with extensive experience managing strategic initiatives, sets her apart in the industry. Moreover, her ability to develop staff and nurture talent underlines her commitment to building effective teams.

As an operations manager, Candice has demonstrated her knack for resolving critical issues with ease. Her track record as a calm crisis manager highlights her ability to navigate challenges under pressure. With a focus on efficiency and problem-solving, she ensures that operations run smoothly and effectively.

One of Candice’s key strengths lies in her advocacy for a high-performance culture. She places great emphasis on leadership behaviors, execution, and accountability, fostering an environment where teams can thrive and deliver exceptional results. Her leadership style is marked by a dedication to excellence and a focus on driving performance at every level.

Having worked for JPMorgan Chase & Co. as the Southwest Segment Head for Treasury Management Sales, Candice has honed her skills in the competitive financial services sector. Her role has allowed her to leverage her expertise to drive growth and deliver value to clients.

Candice is a graduate of Michigan State University, where she likely laid the foundation for her successful career in finance. Her academic background, combined with her hands-on experience, positions her as a versatile professional with a holistic understanding of the financial landscape.

In summary, Candice (Cahill) Hill is a dedicated financial services professional with a proven track record of success. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her diverse skill set, makes her a valuable asset in any organization she is a part of.

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Memberships in other organizations:  

Candice is a member of the Association for Financial Professionals at the national and local levels.  She has been active in her communities doing volunteer work, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Meals on Wheels.

Personal – Family, hobbies, etc.:

Candice and her husband Andrew reside in Allen, Texas with their two daughters, Hadley and Harper.  In Candice’s spare time you will often catch her reading a book, working out, shopping or hanging out at Starbucks.


The mantra in life…  Change is inevitable. So, as Socrates says “The Secret to Change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.”

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