Dr. Anuraag Guglaani

Dr. Anuraag Guglaani
Dr. Anuraag Guglaani

Dr. Anuraag Guglaani is a distinguished individual known for his expertise and experience in various areas such as family business management, investment, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning. With a track record spanning over two decades, he has been involved in transforming businesses in 24 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Southwest Asia, UK, and North America.

As a seasoned professional in the field, Dr. Guglaani serves as a Board Member and Co-Investor in multiple large family business groups, where he plays a key role in implementing effective governance and succession structures to drive profitability, growth, and sustainability. His hands-on approach and unique insights have earned him a reputation as a Family Business Doctor, adept at turning businesses into efficient, process-driven entities.

Currently, Dr. Guglaani holds the position of Managing Partner and CEO at Wazir Advisors in the UAE, a prominent advisory firm specializing in strategy, transformation, alliances, and risk management. His contributions in areas such as investments, turnaround strategies, and technology governance have played a significant role in the success and expansion of various business groups.

Passionate about contributing to the growth and development of Africa, Dr. Guglaani actively participates as a Board Member at the Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (PALEDEC), a non-governmental organization focused on fostering trade and investment opportunities in the region.

Recognized with prestigious awards such as the US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Global Humanitarian Award, and the UAE Super 100, Dr. Anuraag Guglaani continues to make a mark as a respected speaker, facilitator, and judge at various global events and forums.

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