Alexandre Gaillard

Alexandre Gaillard
Alexandre Gaillard

Alexandre Gaillard is an accomplished professional with a strong background in finance and business automation. Currently involved in the innovative venture InvestGlass, Alexandre specializes in building banks and automating businesses. With a rich educational background from IAE FRANCE – Écoles Universitaires de Management, Alexandre brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Based in the Geneva Metropolitan Area, Alexandre has established a notable digital presence, boasting over 28,000 followers and a network of 500+ connections. His profile reflects his dedication to excellence, offering a glimpse into the world of finance, management, and digital innovation.

Alexandre’s expertise lies in leveraging technology to empower businesses, exemplified by InvestGlass, a Swiss CRM platform that provides unparalleled flexibility in creating, designing, managing, and developing digital solutions. His passion for innovation and commitment to empowering businesses set him apart in the industry.

In summary, Alexandre Gaillard is a visionary professional dedicated to revolutionizing the world of finance and business automation, making him a prominent figure in the Geneva business community and beyond.

About InvestGlass :

Invest Glass is a Swiss based CRM, PMS, Client Portal, Digital onboarding tools platform. Discover the Swiss CRM platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your digital presence exactly the way you want.

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