Alan Zettelmann

Alan Zettelmann
Alan Zettelmann

Alan Zettelmann is an accomplished author and the founder of INNOCONSULT, a renowned Innovation & Strategy consulting firm. With a focus on turning Strategy & Innovation into tangible business impact, Alan helps companies make Innovation Strategy their number one competitive advantage. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in driving innovation projects that deliver value on a large scale.

With a strong emphasis on business impact, Alan’s approach ensures that innovation efforts are aligned with bottom-line results. He prioritizes the strategic importance of innovation over technology, working closely with teams to guarantee significant impact on business outcomes before considering technological solutions.

Alan and his team at INNOCONSULT offer a range of services, including impactful large-scale Innovation strategy projects, technical challenges resolution, feasibility assessments, and the establishment of effective Innovation Strategy Task Force organizations. They specialize in implementing cutting-edge data-driven tools, conducting portfolio analysis, and creating future scenarios for companies to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

With a proven track record of success in implementing high-impact Innovation projects for emerging and leading technology companies, Alan and his team combine experience from prestigious positions in tech companies and academia. Their mission is to bring world-class data science expertise to a diverse clientele, helping organizations unlock their full potential through strategic innovation initiatives.

For more information on Alan Zettelmann and INNOCONSULT’s successful Innovation projects, visit their website at or connect with Alan on LinkedIn for direct inquiries.

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