Adrian Valenzuela

Adrian Valenzuela,
Adrian Valenzuela,

Adrian Valenzuela, a finance professional with over 25 years of experience in global markets, has built a sterling career working across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Throughout his career, he has provided advice and solutions to global investors and corporates on investments, private placements, financing, hedging, monetization, mergers and acquisitions, and general governance and strategic matters.

His extensive expertise led him to co-found MCM Partners, a distinguished Hong Kong-based Merchant Bank, Corporate Advisory, and Asset Management firm. Adrian’s firm collaborates closely with global, innovative enterprises to facilitate their growth and expansion into Asia and beyond. Additionally, he serves on the boards of several companies in the social impact and innovative technology sectors.

Adrian is deeply passionate about various areas such as health, family, education, technological innovation, geopolitics, and global macroeconomic subjects, with a particular interest in the Asian integration into global capital markets. He firmly believes in shaping the future by building a strong foundation in the present while honoring the past with each endeavor.

As the Chief Executive Officer at MCM Partners, Adrian Valenzuela leverages his wealth of experience and strategic vision to drive the firm’s success and propel its partners towards growth and excellence. His leadership skills, coupled with a profound understanding of global markets, make him a valuable asset in the world of finance and entrepreneurship.

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