Open & Connected Banking: Navigating the Future with Melodi Askelof’s Financial Innovation Insights

Melodi Askelof's CEO & Co-founder of Satocci Share
Melodi Askelof's CEO & Co-founder of Satocci Share

Melodi Askelöf, the visionary CEO & Co-founder of Satocci, is set to take the stage at the prestigious FiNext Conference scheduled to be held on 28-29 February 2024 in Dubai. Renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to the financial technology sector, Askelöf will share her insights on “Open and Connected Banking: The Future of Financial Innovation” as part of a compelling panel discussion.

The FiNext Conference is a leading global event that brings together thought leaders, innovators, and industry experts in the fintech space. With its focus on exploring the latest trends, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation, the conference serves as a vital platform for shaping the future of finance.

About Melodi Askelöf

Melodi Askelöf, a trailblazer in the fintech landscape, co-founded Satocci with a vision to revolutionize banking experiences through cutting-edge technology. Her leadership has propelled Satocci to the forefront of the industry, earning accolades for their innovative solutions that bridge the gap between traditional banking and the digital era.

As a featured speaker at the FiNext Conference, Askelöf will delve into the topic of The Transformative Power of Open and Connected Banking. The panel discussion will explore how these concepts are shaping the landscape of financial innovation, unlocking new possibilities, and redefining the way individuals and businesses interact with financial services.

Event Details:

Date: 28-29th February 2024
Location: Dubai
Session Title: Open and Connected Banking: The Future of Financial Innovation
Attendees can expect a thought-provoking session as Askelöf shares her unique perspectives on the future of banking, the role of technology in financial innovation, and the importance of fostering connectivity in the evolving financial ecosystem.
In December 2023 Melodi was selected by FUTR150 to a list showcasing the world’s 150 most influential visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs, who are shaping the future and making an impact in the world.

Melodi Askelöf is an experienced professional leader with strong leadership skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. She has more than 15 years of working experience within Retail, Sustainable banking, Finance, and Telco from global matrix organizations in multicultural environments.
Melodi holds an Executive MBA degree from Stockholm University with a focus on International Business, Digitalization, and Innovation. During her Executive MBA Melodi wrote the year 2020 a science report about the banking market in Europe “How Responsible Banking Create Customer Value” and from there Satocci was born.
Melodi has a passion for entrepreneurship, growth, and execution and together with her awesome team and Board members they move the scope from fintech to social fintech and are ready for the next level.

For those interested in staying ahead of the curve in fintech, Melodi Askelöf’s participation in the FiNext Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights from a visionary leader who continues to drive positive change in the industry.

About Satocci

Satocci is a leading fintech company founded with a vision to build next-generation payment solutions that bring the best of online shopping and check-out experience into physical stores and make the shopping experience more seamless and sustainable for both retailers and consumers in their daily lives.
With a commitment to enhancing user experiences, Satocci is at the forefront of driving financial inclusion and reshaping the future of payment solutions.
Satocci is a Scan & Pay solution that enables you to skip the store lines and pay with one click. In the past two years, Melodi and her team have participated in several events from Sweden to Amsterdam to Dubai and Silicon Valley where they have been recognized as a modern innovator within the Fintech Industry. Satocci has previously been selected for Google for startups and has been awarded as “One of the promising Startups in climate Fintech in 2022” by F10 Incubator in Switzerland.
In December 2023 Satocci was recognized as one of the top 150 #startups in the world by FUTR150.

About FiNext Conference

FiNext Conference is a global gathering of fintech leaders, innovators, and experts committed to exploring the latest trends, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in the financial technology sector. The conference provides a platform for thought leaders to share insights and shape the future of finance.

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