Mr. Martin Shen Honored with Excellence in Finance Leaders Award at FiNext Conference 2024

Mr. Martin Shen
Mr. Martin Shen Honored with Excellence in Finance Leaders Award at FiNext Conference 2024

Mr. Martin Shen, a visionary leader and esteemed figure in the finance industry, is proud to announce his recognition at the esteemed FiNext Conference 2024. Held on February 28th and 29th at Crowne Plaza in Deira Dubai, the conference served as a platform to celebrate innovation and excellence in finance, with Mr. Martin Shen receiving the prestigious Excellence in Finance Leaders Award.

The Excellence in Finance Leaders Award acknowledges Mr. Martin Shen’s exceptional contributions to the finance sector, his visionary leadership, and his unwavering commitment to driving positive change. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, Mr. Martin Shen has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of finance and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Participation in the FiNext Conference provided Mr. Martin Shen with a platform to share his insights, engage with industry peers, and exchange ideas on the latest trends and developments in finance. The event served as a catalyst for fostering meaningful collaborations and highlighted Mr. Martin Shen’s pivotal role in driving innovation and shaping the future of finance.

As Mr. Martin Shen continues to lead by example and inspire others in the finance industry, the Excellence in Finance Leaders Award serves as a testament to his continued success and dedication to excellence. Mr. Martin Shen remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving positive change, and empowering others to succeed.

About Mr. Martin Shen:

Martin is the President and Chief Executive Officer of FingerMotion, Inc. and the related group of companies.Martin’s guidance and vision has positioned FingerMotion to be a leader in the mobile telecom industry, with new and exciting business units that will push the company into the forefront of the mobile data management landscape. With endeavours into data generation and analysis, Martin’s role as CEO will be to ensure that the Company remains a leader in advanced thinking, providing innovative solutions to the world’s challenges, while continuing to serve the needs of its loyal and diverse shareholder base.

Prior to FingerMotion, Martin was the Founder and Senior Vice-President at Imperial Distributors (formerly AP Martin Pharmaceutical Supplies Ltd.) and also the COO and CFO at  Weir Minerals (formerly R. Wales & Son Industrial Rubber). Martin is a licensed US Certified Public Accountant and built his accounting foundation over 10 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, with tenures in Canada, Singapore and Hongkong. Martin also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia.

About FiNext Conference

The FiNext Conference 2024, held on February 28th and 29th at the esteemed Crowne Plaza in Deira Dubai, emerged as a hallmark event celebrating the intersection of finance and technology. This premier gathering brought together visionaries, industry leaders, innovators, and disruptors from around the globe to explore, collaborate, and inspire.


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