Jose Pereira at FiNext Conference for Insights on the Future of Global Investments and Culture

Speaker Newsletter - Jose Fernando Pereira
Speaker Newsletter - Jose Fernando Pereira
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We are thrilled to announce the participation of Mr. José Fernando Pereira, Investment Principal at Caerus, in the upcoming #FiNext Conference. In a recent interview, he expressed his enthusiasm for the event and spoke about his vision for a future where Finance, Technology, and Culture seamlessly intersect.

#José perceives the FiNext Conference as an influential meeting ground for forward-thinking individuals immersed in financial technology. The event offers an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues about emerging investment prospects and share his insights, especially for those seeking guidance on investing in #Web3.

During his keynote address, José will demystify the process of investing in #Web3, offering a comprehensive, start-to-finish guide on formulating an investment thesis to capital deployment into cutting-edge technology projects.

In addition to his insights on the #FiNext Conference, José shared more about his role at Caerus and their focus on Culture. We asked him why Culture. To which he replied, “Culture is what matter most. Humans strive for connection. And Culture is how we connect.” The transformative potential of Web3 technology, particularly its applications in Culture & Entertainment, is at the heart of Caerus’s investment strategy. They actively support next-generation platforms, services, and applications that amplify cultural passions and advocate for widespread equity.

About Jose Pereira

Before Caerus, José was at SwissBorg, where he helped set up their investment arm, and learned a lot about investment research and careful planning. His mentors taught him about using data in investment strategies and gave him a broad view of investing in technology.His #José‘s passion for studying market behaviour is rooted in the fascinatingly unpredictable nature of markets, especially crypto markets. He believes studying and understanding our biases that shape perspectives and behaviours is critical to navigating market dynamics. His participation in the FiNext Conference is poised to inspire and guide individuals and institutions navigating the exciting world of financial technology.


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