Bridging Financial Horizons: Mohammed Al Alami Explores the Fusion of Fintech & Banking

Mohammed Al Alami
Mohammed Al Alami Ceo Dragon

Meet Mohammed Al Alami, a fintech professional and visionary leader, set to grace the FiNext Conference Dubai 2024 as a distinguished speaker on the panel discussion, “Fintech & Banking
– Bridging the Divide.”

FiNext, the leading conference in the finance and technology space, is proud to announce the participation of Mohammed Al Alami, a transformative force in the payments and compliance landscape of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The event, scheduled for the 28th and 29th of February 2024, will provide a platform for Al Alami to share his extensive insights and experiences in a panel discussion on the evolving dynamics of fintech and banking.

Mohammed Al Alami has emerged as a driving force in reshaping the financial technology sector, simplifying compliance for businesses across the MEA region. His fervor for fintech is evident in his unwavering commitment to redefine industry standards, evident in his impressive track record. Al Alami’s leadership was pivotal in steering revenue-based financing initiatives for FlapKap, contributing significantly to the company’s success. Furthermore, his instrumental role in the growth of regional payment giants such as Telr and Tap Payments underscores his strategic foresight and adept navigation of complex market dynamics.

As the CEO and Founder of Dragon, a stealth-fintech company based in the UAE, Al Alami continues to demonstrate his entrepreneurial spirit. His previous venture, Riskreen, stands as a testament to his commitment to simplifying compliance for designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs) in the UAE. Riskreen provided an easy, reliable, and accurate tool enabling businesses to protect themselves from entities listed by the UN and UAE consolidated list, aligning with the country’s regulatory requirements.

Mohammed Al Alami is known for his dedication to delivering genuine value and fostering growth in partnerships. His strategic mindset and commitment to excellence have resulted in partnerships with prominent entities in publishing, broadcasting, gaming, radio, key brands, telecom operators, mobile platforms, financial institutions and fintech companies.

Attendees of the FiNext Conference Dubai 2024 can look forward to gaining valuable insights into the evolving fintech landscape and banking industry. Mohammed Al Alami, in the panel discussion, will share his wealth of experience, offering perspectives on bridging the divide between these two dynamic realms. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with this fintech luminary and gain a deeper understanding of the future of finance.


About Dragon:

Founded by Mohammed Al Alami and Shuja Khan, Dragon is a UAE-based next-generation fintech startup aiming to revolutionize investment in the region. The company’s vision is to make investment assets easily accessible and become a key driver of financial literacy in the Middle East.

About FiNext Conference:

FiNext Conference is a global platform that brings together professionals, thought leaders, and innovators from the finance and technology sectors. The conference aims to foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and explore the transformative potential of emerging trends in finance.


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