Mila Khrapchenko

Mila (Lyudmila) Khrapchenko
Mila (Lyudmila) Khrapchenko

Mila Khrapchenko is a finance professional with over 20 years of experience in investment banking, specializing in cross-border deals. In 2020, she co-founded a venture business line at BCS Financial Group, achieving a swift product launch and maintaining a top cost/income ratio.

In 2023, she co-founded Ameetee, a B2B fintech platform that democratizes private markets for clients of financial institutions and expands banks’ investment offerings by transferring PE opportunities into securities.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Mila is an active angel investor with a global portfolio of 30+ early-stage VC investments. She is a member of AngelsDeck and the New Economic Investors Club, remaining engaged in the angel investor community.

In her free time, Mila mentors women facing challenges in their finance careers and advocates for greater representation of women in fintech. As one of the 1.5% of fintech women founders, she believes in the importance of women mentoring other women to foster trust and reliability in the business industry.