Thierry De Gorter has both the Swedish and Belgian citizenships. Formerly an accountant, he has evolved through a versatile international management career including industrial production, financial software, APPs development, WEB TV & music production, VIP services, and an autonomous Smart Cities project.

Today, Thierry is managing partner at ”Jet Class Group blockchain bank” (services) and Distribution Manager at UTON Bank. His commitment : enhancing the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies implementation worldwide. Thierry has been solicited to join the Advisory Board of various Blockchain platforms. He is a member of the ”Linkedin Career Advice Hub”. His active passions : music composition, endurance motorsports and psycho-sociology.


About UTON Bank:

UTON Bank is based in Hong Kong. The company is powered by Russian tech-entrepreneurs with solid IT and financial backgrounds. It provides with a whole range of integrated financial solutions under the form of : – advanced  ”mining” devices (crypto-currencies processing),  – ”Cold Wallets” (hi-secure off-line devices for storage and crypto-transactions),  – a revolutionary crypto-currencies Exchange (to sell and buy digital money),  – crypto-Debit Cards (gathering in one place both your crypto-currencies and usual money like €, US$, £, CHF, …) and especially,… – UTON’s flagship : the crypto-ATMs (Bancomat) ! These ones, distributed worldwide, are allowing people to make deposits of their banknotes (€, US$, £, CHF, …) and get an exchange into a crypto-currency on their ”Wallet” (Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoin, Ripple, …) or on reverse, get national bank notes (cash) from their crypto-currencies digital Wallet.  These operations can even be controlled via a well featured App and a dashboard. UTON is expected to become the first ATMs Manufacturer as soon as 2019.