“Olga Miler: Empowering Financial Knowledge – Recognized with Education & Training Excellence Award”


Olga Miler, a distinguished leader in the finance industry, has been honored with the prestigious Excellence in Finance Leaders Education & Training Award at the FiNext Conference 2024. This esteemed accolade, presented at the conference held on February 28th and 29th at Crowne Plaza in Deira Dubai, celebrates Olga Miler’s outstanding contributions to education and training in the finance sector.

The Excellence in Finance Leaders Education & Training Award acknowledges Olga Miler’s exemplary leadership and dedication to fostering education and professional development within the finance industry. Through her innovative training programs, mentorship initiatives, and thought leadership, Olga Miler has made significant contributions to shaping the next generation of finance professionals.

Participation in the FiNext Conference provided Olga Miler with a platform to share her expertise, engage with industry peers, and inspire the next generation of finance leaders. The event catalyzed meaningful discussions on the role of education and training in driving industry growth and innovation.

As Olga Miler continues to lead the way in finance education and training, the Excellence in Finance Leaders Education & Training Award serves as a testament to her continued dedication and impact. Olga Miler remains committed to empowering finance professionals to reach their full potential and driving positive change within the industry.

For more information about Olga Miler and her contributions to finance education and training, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-miler/.

About Olga Miler:
Olga is a global innovation and finance expert, specializing in financial education, customer experience, and growth. She has been broadly recognized for her transformational achievements to change the financial services industry for women and gender equality with features in the global press such as Sky News, BBC News, CNBC, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Newsweek and won numerous awards including FemBizSwiss 2021 Communication, ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year 2019’ by CityWealth Magazine, a place on the Senior Leaders in Fintech Powerlist by Innovate Finance UK and the Top 100 Women in Switzerland list by Women in Business. Following her career at UBS, she has co-founded her start-up – SmartPurse –a pioneering financial wellbeing platform revolutionizing financial planning and education for all. With her blogs and money columns, Olga reached already over 1.2 million readers in Switzerland. She also serves as a board member at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Olga has two children and lives in Zürich and London.

About FiNext Conference:
The FiNext Conference 2024, held on February 28th and 29th at the esteemed Crowne Plaza in Deira Dubai, emerged as a hallmark event celebrating the intersection of finance and technology. This premier gathering brought together visionaries, industry leaders, innovators, and disruptors from around the globe to explore, collaborate, and inspire.


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