Max Kantelia is Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur, Max has over 25 years of experience in building technology product and services companies in Europe, the US, and Asia for the financial services industry. Previously, Max helped to launch a Singapore-based web optimization company, Dexecure and co-founded Anquan Capital, a deep technology company that builds scalable private blockchains for global marketplaces. Max is a mentor on the London Mayor’s International Business Programme and was regarded by EY as one of Asia’s Top 100 FinTech contributors in 2016.

About Zilliqa:

Zilliqa aims to make decentralized blockchain the building block of future enterprises and applications, by addressing two key limitations it faces today – scalability and security. It is building a public blockchain platform designed to meet the high scaling and security requirements of applications such as digital advertising, gaming, and payments. Zilliqa’s technology is bringing academic research – including a paper on scaling public blockchains through sharding, co-authored by Zilliqa’s co-founder Prateek Saxena – into real-world use.

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