Session: Practical Disruption: Blockchain for Entertainment Industry

Date: April 26, 2019, at 9:00 AM

Jack Cheng has more than a decade of regional marketing and business management experience in a combination of industries across Fintech, asset management, cards & payments, Entech, and distributed ledger technology. Since 2015, Jack was one of the pioneering leaders to bring a suite of innovative blockchain payment products into the Hong Kong market to ignite the mass adoption. Currently, Jack Cheng is the Asia Chief Marketing Officer of SingularDTV, a global blockchain entertainment platform empowering artists and creators with decentralized tools to manage creativity projects from development to distribution. Jack is a Board Committee and a Co-author of the 2nd Edition China blockchain industry development white paper with Beijing Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance, as well as a Board Member of Hong Kong Digital Asset Investment Association. Jack has been awarded the “Leading Blockchain Practitioner” in September 2018, and the “Global Top 100 Most Influential Marketing Leaders” in November 2016. Jack holds the Financial Advisors’ International Qualification and a Bachelor Degree with First Class Honors in Communications and Public Relations.

About SingularDTV

SingularDTV is a decentralized entertainment studio building a new economy powered by blockchain
technology. Via an innovative approach to the entire creative process, from development and funding through marketing and distribution, SingularDTV empowers artists to manage their IP and revenue flow and to create a sustainable career built on a direct relationship with their audience, free of gatekeepers and intermediaries.

SingularDTV will achieve this goal through a suite of dapps (decentralized applications), that, when employed together, form the backbone of a new, global, peer-to-peer entertainment economy. The current slate of 17 dapps will empower content creators, arts organizations, and other IP holders with technological tools, grounded in blockchain and the powerful, emerging Ethereum protocol, to cover project funding, development, production, accounting, marketing, and distribution, all while building a tokenized ecosystem that engenders long-term sustainability and financial success. |