First, FiNext Conference provided a platform for the global Finance and Technology sector, allowing start-ups, SMEs, incumbent tech providers, investors, financial institutions and other stakeholders to connect and interact under one roof. In addition to the conference, FiNext Tech Awards acknowledged the efforts of FinTech thought leaders, torchbearers of the industry.

25th – 26th October 2018, Bally’s, Las Vegas

 Conference Venue

Who Attended

FinTech Startups

If you’re a startup, working on the latest and greatest solution in the finance space. This event will provide you the right platform to show off your solution and your team’s talent to the world!


We provide the best platform for investors to meet the creators of latest innovations in Finance space, hear out their solutions at length in investor specific sessions, while also allowing you to network with industry leaders.


Calling on all financial professionals to attend this two-day conference to examine emerging opportunities and innovative solutions for the banking industry. It is your opportunity to get your hands on the latest products and technology that are revolutionizing the future of banking.

Payment Companies

The conference is the pivotal intersection between end users, operations, marketing, finance and technology where we will discuss and answer all of your questions. We will do more than just talk and present products but walk through the experience that helps you personalize the payment solutions.


As FinTech companies pave their way up the value chain, new technologies emerge that revolutionize how the worlds banks, enable their enormous customer base to invest, pay bills and do business. We give them a platform to interact with the industry experts along with the much-needed exposure through our media partners.

Service Providers

Not just the Finance industry but the vendors in this space called Platform Service Providers have emerged in parallel and they need equal acknowledgment as any other entity in this industry. If you are a Financial services company or providing services to Finance firms, this is the place to be.

FiNext Conference 2018 Gallery

Event Schedule

Come and join us!

07:30 AM to 08:30 AM
Kick start your day, grab a cup of coffee and visit the registration desk upon arrival at the conference venue and state your first and last name to check-in and collect your badge. Registration opens at 7.30 AM

Conference Open by Chair

08:30 AM to 08:40 AM
Conference chair would declare the conference open and would set the stage for two days of education, inspiration, and networking, providing technological solutions in the finance industry with a welcome note from our organizing company InternetShine, Inc.

KeyNote: Entrepreneurship in Fintech

08:40 AM to 09:10 AM
Be innovative, or get left behind. 2019 is fast approaching and the market demand on FinTech is fierce. FinTech is disrupting the traditional financial services, such as money transfers, loans, mobile payments, asset management and fundraising. Listen from top thought leader of the industry about the crucial need and current status of entrepreneurship in FinTech.

Blockchain Train - Time to Get on Board?

09:10 AM to 09:40 AM
A session by BLOCKid’s CEO Paul Heirendt, Blockchain technology has the potential to universally reshape the way business transacts across nearly every industry in the global economy.
The key benefits of blockchain technology are the distributed infrastructure’s ability to share information that is secure and provide for the unalterable transfer of data– ensuring data integrity. This makes the technology an important tool in building trust among business and consumers. Both can provide and access accurate data about transactions across nearly every financial service industry from retail banking to insurance to investment banking.
Understanding when and how to build from blockchain technology’s inherent strengths – including asset creation, asset transfer, and data reconciliation – will separate the winners and losers as the financial services industry moves from exploration to application.
Come and listen to what’s trending!

Leverage risk management to run your business

09:40 AM to 10:10 AM
A session by RiskTao’s CEO Craig R. Spielmann, The payments industry is going through a period of unprecedented change, across the retail, corporate and wholesale segments. The financial crisis of 2008 famously brought payments “out of the cellar and into the boardroom” and the ensuing tranche of regulation has brought great challenges – and great opportunities – to payments players.
Fintechs continue to accelerate the industry’s transformation, connecting the old and new worlds and creating a perfect storm for payments. Collaboration is the new mantra as the whole payments ecosystem recognizes the need to partner in order to embrace and optimize the changes ahead.
This session puts light on what trends should you be looking out for?

Get coffee, Make connections

10:40 AM to 11:00 AM
Get coffee and make connections!

Fintech & Banking – Bridging the Divide

11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
A session by Echo Payment System’s Chairman & CEO Ronald Ingram, Global investment in financial technology (FinTech) ventures tripled to $12.21 billion in 2014, clearly signifying that the digital revolution has arrived in the financial services sector. It is still unclear whether this presents more of a challenge or an opportunity for industry incumbents, but established financial services players are starting to take bold steps to engage with emerging innovations.

Trends in business payments

11:30 AM to 12:00 PM
A session by SnapCheck’s CEO Ken Kruszka, Major transformations are challenging 21st-century banking and reshaping customers’ relationships with their money and their banks. The end result has driven companies within the financial services industry to consider build, buy or partner alternatives for rapid growth.

Need of better information for Crypto Investors

12:00 PM to 12:40 PM
A session by Digital Assets Data’s CEO Mike Alfred, This session will bring together bank innovation teams and B2B entrepreneurs to discuss innovation in the enterprise. The lure of sticky revenue, deep subject matter expertise, and access to data and distribution is compelling. But while partnerships seem to be more in vogue than disruption, the entrepreneur must navigate a minefield of bureaucratic bottlenecks, Entrepreneurial compliance departments, tight wallets, and questionable IP policies. 

Lunch and Networking

12:40 PM to 1:40 PM
Knowledge is exhaustive. Eat and network with industry leaders!

Future of Payments

1:40 PM to 02:10 PM
A session by RFi Group’s Managing Director Cyrielle Chiron, The payments industry is going through a period of unprecedented changes – the proliferation of in-app payments, real-time or faster payments etc. Leveraging the latest RFI Group global research conducted among 10,000 consumers in 10 countries, this session sheds light on what trends we should be looking out for and what is driving the industry. It will also provide a perspective on how North America compares to other key markets.

Panel Discussion: Roadmap for AI in Finance

02:10 PM to 02:40 PM
Marc Stein,
Brad McDaniel,
Sarah Clark, One World Identity
Sahil Arora, Hydrogen
discussed the potential that AI holds for the finance industry.

Fintech: Friend or Foe?

02:40 PM to 03:20 PM
A session by CMFG Ventures’s President & Managing Director Brian Kaas, Fintechs – businesses that use technology to make banking quicker, safer and more intuitive – have played a part in this transformation. Relations between emerging fintechs and the established banking industry are sometimes portrayed as combative. Some banks worry that fintechs will disrupt the banking industry in the same way that downloads disrupted the music industry.

Award Ceremony

03:20 PM to 03:50 PM
Held as a part of FiNext, the Awards of Excellence is your opportunity to meet the rock stars of the FinTech industry and hear their inspiring stories of hope and achievement.

Get coffee, Make connections

03:50 PM to 04:10 PM
Get coffee, Make connections!

Trading in the Million Token Future

04:10 PM to 04:40 PM
A session by LXDX’s CEO Josh Greenwald, This session will cover how digital asset exchanges will need to evolve in the wake of massive tokenization.

Regulatory Requirements for Cybersecurity

04:40 PM to 05:10 PM
A session by Zukerman Gore Brandeis & Crossman LLP’s Partner Kevin C. Taylor. The financial services sector handles sensitive information about individuals and enterprises. With the emergence of FinTech, more data is now available in digital formats, which makes it easier to analyze and generate insights but also makes the data more susceptible to security breaches.

Closing Remarks and Networking Cocktail Reception

5:10 PM Onwards

Registrations and Morning Coffee

07:30 AM to 08:30 AM
Kick start your day, grab a cup of coffee and visit the registration desk upon arrival at the conference venue and state your first and last name to check-in and collect your badge. Registration opens at 7.30 AM

Disruptive Blockchain Solutions: Tweebaa and Responsible BlockchainWorld Championship

08:30 AM to 09:00 AM
Session by Tweebaa’s Founder & CEO Margaret Wang, shares the secret on how Tweebaa could contribute the wealth of US$ 6930 trillion to the world, with Tweebaa’s Distributive Value-Generating Social Platform, the unprecedented solution to generational challenge, by providing economic opportunities to all, and empowering 99% of people to become millionaire at no cost, to stimulate the world economy for a much better world.

TiV (Tweebaa Influence Value), the world’s 1st rating criteria that account for members’ contributions to a blockchain-integrated Tweebaa’s Earning Ecosystem. Tweebaa Coin, the exclusive crypto-currency to facilitate TiV rating, is directly related to Tweebaa members’ rewards.

AI in Lending

09:00 AM to 09:30 AM
A session by’s CEO Marc Stein, In today’s ultra competitive lending market, finTechs have taken a march over traditional banks with their digital first service and speed of closing loan applications. Automation reduces the cost and time of loan processing, improves credit accuracy, assists in the operations optimization and in enabling paperless transactions. Lending automation players are financial institution’s best bet as they often combine the best of what is available in the lending technology market along with relatively fast deployment, and not necessarily heavy upfront investment.

Moving Beyond Blockchain

09:30 AM to 10:00 AM
A session by Emerging Insider Communication’s CEO Zachary Weiner, As blockchain based innovations continue to heat up across the fintech landscape, a litany of new breakthroughs have quietly entered the market. This session will seek to provide a compelling analysis of trends and forward looking use-cases about the capabilities of the latest technology entrants and how they are being coupled with blockchain integrations for newfound utility.

Get coffee, Get snacks, Make connections

10:30 AM to 10:50 AM
Get coffee, Get snacks, meet people and make connections.

FinTech Impact Investing

10:50 AM to 11:20 AM
A session by AI8Venture’s CEO CARLOS OCHOA, Impact Investing has expanded in scale and importance in part due to new financial technologies. Innovative companies are leveraging new technologies to connect social enterprises with investors and raise awareness about sustainable investing opportunities.

Panel Discussion: FinTech, Payments and Digital Commerce

11:20 AM to 11:50 AM
A session by Mastercard’s VP David Galvan, The global payments landscape has significantly evolved over the past decade. The current rise of Financial Technology (FinTech) comes after the origination of a number of different technological developments within a short time span, namely Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). These provide new opportunities for disruptive financial solutions such as mobile payments, open banking, crowdfunding, virtual currencies and robo-advice.

FinTech trends in emerging markets

11:50 AM to 12:30 PM
A session by MyBucks’s Strategy & IR Manager Timo Dreger. In the developing parts of the world, fintech offers financial services to millions of unbanked people. It’s an important innovative tool in ensuring financial inclusion. Unbanked people account for a third of the world population and are mainly concentrated in emerging markets of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Lunch and Networking

12:30 PM to 01.30 PM
Don’t get exhausted!

Research and Trends in Small Business Lending

01:30 PM to 02:00 PM
As a analytics provider and broker Betterfin has access to unique data and insights. In this talk Betterfin CEO Eric Griego will talk about the data work Betterfin has done in partnership with the SBA and Yale economists to tell three unique stories about how who is doing loans is changing, how finding borrowers in marketing is evolving, and issues with the current data model of today’s commercial lending industry.

Automation of Accounting Regulatory Compliance Standards

02:00 PM to 02:30 PM
A session by Protominds Co-Founder’s Sri Raju & Venki Kumar. While compliance is an increasingly important fact of life for companies, it remains very much a niche subject – something akin to FASB standards for U.S. corporations. Because robotic process automation is also a niche topic, the odds of compliance SME’s being knowledgeable about it are low – just as the odds of robotic SME’s being familiar with compliance are low. These conditions aren’t favorable to mutual interest or conversations.

Panel Discussion: How FinTech firms can scale innovation to solve consumer problems.

02:30 PM to 03:10 PM

FiNext Award Ceremony

03:10 PM to 03:40 PM
Held as a part of FiNext, the Awards of Excellence is your opportunity to meet the rockstars of the FinTech industry and hear their inspiring stories of hope and achievement.

Get coffee, Make connections

03:40 PM to 04:00 PM
Get coffee, Make connections!

'Saving for What Matters' vs 'Debt, fees, and impulse' — Matchup Time for 'Power to the People'?

04:00 PM to 04:30 PM
A session by Om Kundu; With consumer debt having soared to an all-time historic high of over $1 Trillion in US credit cards alone, is it time for a reckoning with Warren Buffet’s wisdom to “not save what is left after spending; and instead spend what is left after saving”?

Join us for a first-hand view and dialogue with those in the trenches harnessing technology to re-imagine retail commerce and banking in ways which are empowering us to think before we buy and save more, faster — for what matters.

How Smart Automation is unleashing companies' growth

04:30 PM to 05:00 PM
A session by Ordway Founder and CEO, Sameer Gulati. Legacy business processes and operations focus on implementing rigid controls on a business’ ability to price and deliver products and services. Financial and accounting flexibility that matches the diversity of today’s customer is reshaping FinTech and SaaS more generally. The ever-accelerating adoption of automation technology offers big opportunities to unleash company growth through creativity and flexibility. When you can offer pricing, terms, and new business models that match your customers’ desires, you solidify customer relationships for the long term.

Vote of Thanks & Closing the Conference

05:00 PM to 05:10 PM